Sunday, January 6, 2008

Handknit socks, after two years:

Here you see two of my favorite pairs of handknit socks. On the right, the first pair of toe-up socks I made. On the left, the first pair of socks I made, ever. Both of these socks are near to two years old, and it shows. The blue pair has felted on the bottom, and there is an awful lot of pilling on the grey pair.

The grey pair has been out of commission for more than a year, now, with a huge hole in the heel. I noticed a small hole in the blue pair after I last washed it. Since I couldn't stand the thought of throwing away socks, especially not the first pair I ever made (even though the gauge is so loose on this pair that another hole is going to pop up within the next few wearings, I'm sure), I decided to take some yarn and give darning a shot.

Is is a beautiful remedy? No. Not at all. But it will hopefully serve its function, so I'll be able to hold on to two more pairs of socks. And with that I am content.

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Opal said...

What well loved socks and you know, they still look great in my mind. I wouldn't be able to throw out those treasure either!