Monday, December 17, 2007

Mystic Waters

I guess you could say that this week has been a blocking festival.

My Mystic Waters is complete!

My first knit-along went quite well, and I kept up with each of the clues. The pattern was wonderful, and I love this edging that borders the entire shawl.

This is my other favorite part -- I love the design to the right and think it would make a lovely border on a wide scarf!

I love the specks of indigo that got caught (unintentionally, I must confess) when I was dyeing the yarn.

And yes, this shawl is HUGE. That's a full-sized bed, and it goes off the ends on either side AND reaches across all but 6 inches of it. I knit my shawl on size 4s with Knit Picks Laceweight, so I thought it wouldn't be as large -- it still hangs quite low on me. Luckily, the weather has turned here -- today I caught a chill so I wore both Mystic Waters and the Shetland triangle at once while I cooked my dinner!
Mystic Waters Shawl pattern by Anna
Needles: Knit Picks classic circulars size 4
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Merino Laceweight, 1.2 skeins, dyed using natural indigo dye
Started: October 2007
Completed: December 15, 2007


Opal said...

So far that's the most beautiful Mystic Waters I've seen. Well done!

Monika said...

It looks wonderful!

strikkegal said...

Love it! I'm still working on mine, starting row 359 now so will soon finnish (I hope)!

the Lady said...

Beautiful shawls! So neat to see them done! I'm still working on Chart B with my Mystic Waters...

K. said...

Just gorgeous. What natural indigo dye did you use and where did you buy it? Thanks.

Kelley said...

I actually dyed the yarn as part of a weaving class I took, so I don't have any more information. The instructor prepared it for us.