Friday, December 14, 2007

At last:

There is one pattern that I have been yearning to knit since I first laid eyes on it.

I usually don't buy pattern books unless I am overwhelmed by the technique and know I would make many of them. Folk Socks, for example has won me over. I love Knitting Vintage Socks and Victorian Lace Today. I know I will knit several of the shawls from Folk Shawls, and I've made good use of my Interweave subscription.

One pattern from a book, though? Just one? That really can't justify the purchase, can it?

No. Unless it's the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style.

After I bought the book for the pattern, I was on the lookout for some luscious silky wool. Some heavyweight yarn, because this shawl just screams to be knit in a heavier yarn. I looked for red, because once you have that picture in your head it is so hard to think otherwise.

Months passed.

Last weekend I rummaged through my stash and found 5 1/2 balls of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the most luscious colorway, Fog -- now discontinued. Maybe not silk, but such a cosy grey. Irresistable. Left over from a sweater meant for my mom.

I chose size 8 needles -- the first knitting needles I ever owned, and ones I don't particularly enjoy using. The pattern looked tight and I wondered if the shawl would have any drape. I persisted, convinced that blocking would give it all the drape it needed.


I couldn't be happier.


knitting elephant said...

It's perfect! The Shetland Triangle is the first shawl I ever knit and though I haven't knit many more, I truly love the pattern and suspect it'll always be my favorite--so simple and so beautiful. Well done!

Opal said...


Monika said...

I LOVE your shawl. I had to knit the same one for my sister (for Christmas) in very thin lace weight. I don't like knitting with such thin yarn. You are right, this needs to be knit in heavier weighr yarn, and I love your color choice! Thank god I didn't have to buy the book for this pattern, our Library had it. :o)