Saturday, December 22, 2007

If it's all neutrals, does it count as colorwork?

I went to my yarn shop in search of the Interweave Holiday Edition and found something so much better. Magnificent Mittens has been out of print, and I have been eyeing the Ravelry lists enviously. Then, on the shelves, I spotted it -- at cover value. I just had to buy it. I mean, it's retailing for over $200, right?
So as usual, I searched my stash for yarn for a week and mulled it over. I still have a Christmas knit to finish, and I'm not close. I don't have any appropriate yarn, either, so how can I knit a mitten?

I guess when there's a will there's a way. I found this luscious 50% Yak, 50% Merino blend from School Products in my basket. I've been holding onto it for something special, and purchased it long ago for some colorwork. It's so soft that I felt maybe it would be better for lining the mittens -- but instead of searching some more, I just picked up some size 7 needles and began knitting. No swatch. I didn't even check the gauge of the mittens. I didn't wash anything to see if it would grow and bloom with washing. I know. It's horrible, right?

I must be really pretty good at eyeing these things, or I must have the best luck in the world.
Did I mention that this yarn has several plies that are loose? See that tail? That's what the yarn looks like when you're knitting it. It probably isn't the best thing for fair isle.

I left all the ends out until after I washed it. This is still unblocked, so it's still bumpy. I've washed it now, and it's evened out. I think it still fits, too. (I did just now, in a fit of impatience, try on a soaking wet mitten, so if it's too big it's my own fault.) I don't think this is too bad for 2 days of knitting. And I'm getting better at colorwork, too! Maybe I'll be able to knit one of those fancy fair isle sweaters or vests sometime soon.
Now off to my grandmother's Christmas present!


Monika said...

Oh my, you ARE lucky! Such a find! The mittens turned out good. I don't swatch most of the time, only for sweaters, and I don't knit a lot of those. :o)

Ami said...

I've passed this book over several times at an lys... maybe I should go back for it. Especially after seeing your mitten- it looks lovely.

Opal said...

What a great find! And what beautiful mittens! I just love those colors together.

Anonymous said...

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