Sunday, June 3, 2007

Just in time for summer:

I completed my eighth pair of wool socks. They fit beautifully -- just a tad snug, which will help make sure they stay up as I walk. I haven't worn them for more than a few minutes, so we'll have to wait until it cools down to see how it goes.

I really like the subtlety of the heel shaping and the calf-increases. Non-knitters probably wouldn't notice these details, but they really add to the sock.


Toe-Up Socks (original, if you can say that) with stockinette heel-flap, regular heel-turn and heel-stitch gusset; ribbed calf increases

Yarn: Regia 4faedig Color (Color 1912, Lot 58692), 2 balls, on sale from Webs.

Needles: Japanese size 1s

Here's the best thing about the socks:

The reason I like toe-up socks is because you can use up all of your yarn. That's just what I did, and after I cut my ends, this is what I had left over. Frugality meets knitting, just like it used to.

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