Sunday, June 3, 2007


I was serious about the veil. See?

These are the swatches to test out patterns. Above is the horseshoe lace pattern from here.

This is the English Mesh Lace from the same place.
And this is the mini-vine lace. I think it should look like the top part of the swatch. I wasn't enamoured enough to continue.

This is the flickering flames lace pattern from here. If you follow the link and scroll down there's a picture of the skirt. Although it's not my kind of skirt, you can see what the shawl will be like -- just a semi-circle instead of a full circle. It will have the various rows where the pattern is interrupted.
This last one is the kimono lace pattern from Folk Shawls.

And this is the Ostrich Plumes lace pattern from here.

I could also use this stitch pattern (but it would be turned 90 degrees counterclockwise):
or this one:

What do you think?


tiennieknits said...

Those are beautiful. I kinda like the flickering flames the most but it's absolutely up to you.

knitting elephant said...

I like the ostrich plume and the top one best, but Tiennie is right--it's your veil! Great choices, though!