Sunday, January 6, 2008


I have a new project. I have been working on it and loving it, and there are photos to introduce it properly. Not right now, though. I found that I had increased a few extra stitches, and so I ripped out an inch. Not a big deal. A pain in the neck, but no big deal. I was impressed with myself for taking so much care with this project.


Yup. See all those loose stitches? Those are the stitches that USED to be on the needle. Look closely at the cable. And at the needle tip. That is the BACK of the needle tip. That used to be connected to the cable. And no, these are not interchangeable needles.

I'm off to go look for some size 3 needles.


Opal said...

Eek! Are those needles from Knit Picks??

knitting elephant said...

Oh No! I hope you don't lose any stitches! My daughter jumped on me the other day and caused my arm to jerk out about 2/3 of a row of stitches to be knit. AACK!! :-)