Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Over the summer, we did some organization of our apartment. This included buying another bookcase for all of the things that have yet to find a home. I also had to go through my stash and reorganize it once again. Ikea to the rescue!

As always with Ikea furniture, the assembly process was a little tedious. Astro fit perfectly in the shelves of the new Expedit bookcase from Ikea. The shelves even match him! I now have a place for baskets of supplies, toolboxes and even my sewing machine.

Best of all, the bookshelf holds everything that has a function while still being very discreet. No one would ever know that my sewing accessories are in the basket, or my knitted swatches are in the tin behind the candles! I do need to organize it a little bit more -- I'm thinking about making some fabric boxes for the rest of the organization.

I also unearthed some of my oldest Ikea furniture. This is just a plain pine utility shelf that I refinished in a dark stain. At one point this functioned as my dresser/closet, and now it's the stash. I have four of the white bins with my fabrics (along with some other fabrics elsewhere), and the yarns are in the larger green bins. Everything is organized by function: my worsted weight yarns are together and sock yarns are together; upholstery weight fabric is separate from quilting fabric and apparel fabric.

I think I could probably keep myself entertained for quite a while with what I've built up. I keep on wanting to purchase new yarn for other specific projects, though. Given the current status of things, I might be quite happy that I have such an abundant stash in the future, though!


Opal said...

I really wish Hawaii had an Ikea. I have such Ikea envy right now, it ain't funny.

Astro is too adorable!

tiennieknits said...

I just love IKEA! I could wander around there all day.