Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's all a blur

Finally, some new pictures for the blog.

My computer hard drive crashed, and the photo-editing software needed to be reloaded. Since we take raw images, we needed the software for the images to be read, and it took a while. I'm sorry.

In the meantime, something big happened in my family.

It was a crazy weekend: two cakes, four loaves of bread and three full meals. No knitting, sewing or quilting, but plenty of baking. These cakes are made by scratch with nothing more than flour, eggs, sugar and the basics. Including the frosting.

Yes, 100. That's my grandmother. I'm holding the second cake that's on its way to the table in a blur. Happy 100th birthday, grandma!

(Oh, and my grandma's best friend, who made the trip across the country to be with her, said that my pie crust was as good as hers. That's one of the best compliments I've ever heard in my entire life, given that I have been hearing about her own talents in the kitchen since I can remember.)

Up next: reorganization, quilts and socks.


knitting elephant said...

Congrats on the baking accomplishment, and WOW what an accomplishment for grandma! 100 doesn't happen nearly often enough. :-)

Monika said...

Happy Birthday to your Granma, and many returns!!!
From scratch is the only way to go! Believe me. I've had so many disgusting cakes in this country, all bought, that my own home made ones, tasted like made in heaven, and I rarely bake.

It's nice to get compliments on things like that, especially from "experts"! :o)

tiennieknits said...

Oh my gosh! That's amazing! Happy 100th to your adorable grandma!

Opal said...

Oh! Happy Belated to your Grandma!!