Sunday, May 11, 2008


Remember this? It's turned into this:

Honestly, I enjoyed every part except the quilting. My favorite part of it, however, is not the geometric nature, the bright colors, the layout, the zig-zag sashing. No, my favorite part of it is the quilting.

I see more quilting in my future.

A peek at the back.

To be fair, I have to admit some of my quilting troubles were magnified by this particular project. I believe some of my flying geese were not quite level, and the batting I chose was extra-thick craft batting. Not the best thing for this project, or for machine quilting for the very first time.
Specs: Each flying geese is 1.5" x 3". The brown zig-zag is 1" wide. Made from a whole bunch of 5" squares and Kaffe Fassett's shot cotton in butter and ginger. I had imagined quilting it in rays, but I realized I needed something more basic. It ended up with vertical stripes, which I'm happy with.
My husband and the dogs seem to agree.


Monika said...

It's beautiful! I love the colores, the fabric, and the wild geese! I used to patchwork/quilt too. The best part for me, besides designing the Quilt was quilting it by hand. I enjoyed this so much, I still like to sew by hand, and can't bring myself to unpack my new sewing machine. I'm looking forward to seeing more quilts here. :o)

knitting elephant said...

I adore the quilt! Oh how I wish I could learn to sew. And you're taunting me with this gorgeous morsel! :-)

Lauren/knitting in the dark said...

ooh - I love quilt! congratulations.