Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two years in the making

Sometime about two years ago, I ordered this spindle kit from Hello Yarn. I decided to get the BFL because I had heard so much about it, and I wanted undyed fiber because I didn't want to worry about screwing up "good" dyed fiber. I began to practice and practice, and then I had my dyeing adventure.

After I spun a few singles, I tried a two-ply. It wasn't my favorite, so I tried a three-ply with the singles tightly wound on pencils dangling from a coffee cup. This is what I ended up with, after a long time:

I decided it was time to try the roving I dyed, and I began spinning that, too. That went more quickly, especially after I got Spinning in the Old Way and learned how to Andean ply. Andean plying changed everything! No more tangles or knots. I found a way to join the small sections of two-ply without obvious joins. I'm a convert!
I have now spun all of my dyed roving and have a nice-sized hank. I did weigh both skeins, but I did not write down their measurements.

I believe the undyed hank is about 9 oz at approximately 12 wpi. It seems to range from fine fingering weight to bulky, with the majority at about sport weight. The green hank is somewhere around 5 oz, and approximately 16 wpi (I think). It also ranges in size, but I think it is more even. I discovered Andean plying halfway through, so some parts are more even than others.

I can't wait to knit these up -- I'm thinking about making a cowl with the green skein and the Sheep Wrap for the white. I'm trying to force myself to finish a couple of other projects before I get started, though!


knitting elephant said...

Wow! Those both look great to me. I can't wait to see them knit into something that shows off your fine spinning skills! :-)

Opal said...

Those are your first yarns? OMG! They look fantastic!

tiennieknits said...

Beautifully done!