Friday, May 9, 2008


I started this sweater ages ago -- I think in January. I began with gusto, and then wasn't sure I would like it. Things got crazy, and I didn't feel like working on the cables. The patterning every row got to me. I finished the back, and then had to recalculate the sides. Ugh. After the sides were finished, it flew by.

(Please forgive the angle of this photograph. It is really not as squat as it looks here. I promise!)

It turns out, this is the perfect sweater for the season. It's warm enough to ward off the early morning chill before the sun begins warming everything. It is a neutral color, so I can wear it over all of my new spring shirts. It's long enough to wear with any of them, and since I left off the belt, it hangs (I think) gracefully. When I'm cold, I can easily tuck the two sides together and they will stay. I've worn about 9 times since I finished it, and there's not a sign of pilling. I love it! I'm sure it will show wear sooner rather than later, but I'm very happy.

Pattern: Starsky from Knitty
Modifications: Adapted to knit with size 7 needles. I swatched here. I fiddled with the cable repeat on the back and changed the numbers around. Don't ask me what I did -- I didn't take any notes, and it's been too long! I know part of it was to knit the size XL on size 7 needles for a sweater that ended up being about the second-smallest size. I also left off the belt loops and belt, since it didn't hit me quite low enough for them.
Needles: Addi size 7s
Gauge: ?? At one point I did know, because I knit the sweater to fit.
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino, undyed.
I used yarn from 4 different dye lots. I swear, this sweater broke all the rules! I couldn't tell a difference when I held the skeins together, but I was also knitting late in the day without any natural light. I was careful when I joined skeins that weren't of the same dyelot, and alternated yarn every few rows just in case there was a difference. Then again, the sleeves were done in a different dyelot altogether. I think I was lucky.

Two things I love about this sweater:
1) The arms are roomy and LONG. My arms are very long and usually I have to add length. This sweater is designed with cuffs to turn back, and I ended up with sleeves long enough to skim my knuckles if my arms are at my sides. I love that! I forget if I measured the arms, or if I knit to the pattern. They are roomy enough at the top that I don't feel crammed into the sweater. That was one of the problems with my Central Park Hoodie -- the upper arms are very tight.
2) Mattress Stitch!

Believe it or not, I have not seamed a sweater using mattress stitch before. I've always done something or other to seam it, and it looks ok, but these seams disappear. I keep on looking at the arm seams to find them.

(It also helps the seaming process if you make sure all your pieces are the same size. I knit both sleeves at the same time, and both fronts. It was easy to make the fronts and back match, since the cable repeat was easy to use as a benchmark. I guess where I was carefree about the dye-lots and modifications, I compensated with my seaming!)

Overall, I think this is going to be well-worn in the end. I think I will wear more cardigans than pullovers, and more neutral colors than bright ones.

Up next: Quilting, sewing and more knitting! I have my pictures taken and processed already, so it should come soon!

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Opal said...

Love the sweater, but I would have loved a modeled shot even more. ;-)