Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Sewing

So even though I disappeared from the blog for the past month, I've been busy. I spent my week-long vacation sewing and knitting. The quilt got finished, Starsky got finished, and lots more.

Since my last bag was a little too dismal for spring, I made this:

It's the Pleated Bag from Bend The Rules Sewing. I like the pattern, and it holds a lot of stuff. The fabric is home dec weight cotton from Joann's. It had been coated with sizing to make it indoor/outdoor fabric, but after a washing it became very smooth. I even considered making a skirt with it. The bag is lined in flannel, which gives it substance without making it look too quilted. I wish I had increased the size a tad, especially the size of the pleats, but I still love it. This one even has a pocket inside it!

I've also begun to sew some clothes. My taste in clothes is getting funkier again. For a while I would only wear solids -- no stripes, no prints. I even went through a stage where I would only wear black, deep reds and white. I'm out of that, for sure. I like prints and have decided to take on an update of my spring wardrobe.
Now, I must admit I have sewn clothes before. In elementary school I made myself some outfits, and I've gone back to it a few times. I am not known to be a stickler for patterns and will adapt things upon a whim. I am getting better at flying by the seat of my pants -- I do it less frequently and with more understanding of where it will take me. This was about the 4th shirt I have made recently, and the one I am most proud of.
This shirt is made from Simplicity 6723. The only modification was to leave the ruffles off the arms. I think the tuxedo ruffles are enough. I know it would be better with a posed picture, but I don't have one yet. It fits quite well, just enough ease to be comfortable but not enough to be baggy. I wore it into work and got a compliment within the first 20 minutes!

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Opal said...

You really rock the sewing machine, girl! I love what you produce. :)