Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm on a roll.

I took the sewing machine out and haven't really gotten my knitting focus back since. I think I need a couple of quick projects that are satisfying -- none of the ones I currently have are doing it for me. Then I lost two needles from the sock I have been carrying around for the past few months, while the sock was in my bag. (I have no idea where the needles are, but was able to save the sock.) It was time for a knitting bag within my bag. That thing is cavernous.

I used this tutorial to piece it together, and fat quarters in my (now substantial) fabric stash. The only modification I made was to make a pouch -- 12" x 16" -- by sewing 3 sides together. Then I quilted the pouch with batting instead of interfacing. This eliminated most of the seams inside. I was going to put bias tape on the corners, but decided against it at the end.

Then I realized the ice pack I carry with my lunch would be more effective if I held the to-be-cooled food NEAR it. So I made another one.

(Please excuse the zipper stitching. I wasn't aiming for beauty on these -- just functionality. There, at least, I succeeded.)


Opal said...

Gah. I wish I had your skill. I covet your ever so nifty baggage. :)

Monika said...

LOVE your bags! I like bags and pouches and totes in general. If it weren't for the zipper thingy, I might want to give it a try.