Saturday, October 20, 2007

2-Way Socks

I finished the Socks that Rock stockinette socks last weekend, and darned the ends during the week. I made them reversible so I could enjoy the variegation two different ways, and tried something new with the toes and heels, too.

I knit Pricilla Gibson-Roberts' afterthought heel from here. Before I knit the heel, though, I turned the sock inside-out on the needles, so that my heel would be in reverse stockinette stitch. I like the way it turned out -- it adds a little bit of interest to the sock. I did the same thing with the toe, and instead of my usual side-decrease toe, I did a star toe. At first I was worried that the toe would be a tad loose, but it seemed to fit much better today when I tried the socks on for the pictures. I also like the way I used alternating decreases on the toe (which you can only tell if I am wearing the socks both the same way -- oops!).

The yarn is so fuzzy and soft -- it's very comfortable, but I'm not sure how well it will wear. It just seems a bit too soft to last a long time. Maybe I'm just cynical!
Needles: bamboo size 1 dpns
Pattern: My own, stockinette on 64 stitches, afterthought heel & star toe in reverse stockinette.