Monday, May 21, 2007

Yesterday I didn't knit the entire day...

I was doing this:
Yes, these are gourds. Very grimy gourds. Soaking in soapy water. (And yes, that is the same bucket as I use to wash my socks in.) See the bubbles on the right that form a diagonal line? That's where the toothbrush is that I used to clean the gourds.
Here they are after some scrubbing. See the yellowish one in the front? It was exactly as dirty as the really gross one in the water before the bath.
I now have 58 clean (if not perfectly scrubbed) gourds in my house. I also have about 1700 yards of nylon string and rope, and 4800 beads. And I'm worried that I need to do some more shopping.

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