Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dreaming of the shawl

I picked up my wedding dress today.

This does have to do with knitting, but in a rather abstract way. For the first time, I got to look at the construction of the veils, and it seems like most of them are semi-circular. I tested a few out, and I think the ideal radius of a finished veil is about the length of my outstretched knuckles to the far side of my neck. I'm still considering using a triangular construction, because I think I like it better, although a circular shape would be less distracting. I'd like something with clean lines and a small, pleasant (but not dominating, or directional) pattern. Perhaps one from Victorian Lace Today?? I'll have to look closely at the beadwork on my dress to see what would work best. It's a very small overall floral pattern, so I don't want to be too busy -- I want it to compliment my dress.

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