Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mittens in the Middle of Summer

I have a horrible tendency to promise my mother I'll make her something for, say, Christmas, and then be very tardy with the project's completion.
Here is the first (unlined and thumbless) mitten she asked for. When she looked through Magnificent Mittens, she loved the wide cuffs that go outside of your jacket. I said happily I'd make her some using some leftover yarn she had.

This is Harrisville Cashmere Blend, and is a marvelous yarn to work with. I'm so happy with the smooth stitches. This mitten isn't even finished, much less blocked, and my stitches look fairly even. I had some other colorwork experiences recently that did not go so smoothly, alas.

I was sidetracked by a busy summer and craziness, and so I have not gone back to the second mitten. As I recall, the hand of the first one did not take too long, but the cuff -- and especially the fringe -- were rather painful. I'll finish it up, though, hopefully in time for Christmas!


knitting elephant said...

That mitten looks great! I think lots of us knitters wait until Fall is starting to appear on the horizon to knit fall/winter items... not all of us can knit so prettily as you, though.

Opal said...

Gorgeous mitten! And the yarn sounds soooo decadent.

Monika said...

I hope you'll do the second mitten too,because it looks wonderful!!! I love the design and the colores. Great job!