Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blue, Blue and More Blue

I finished the jacket, but haven't had a chance to take any pics yet. I also finished the second clue of Mystic Waters, which is still a beautiful pattern. Then I continued working on the Indigo Ripples (my row gauge is quite off, because I'm planning to dry the skirt in the dryer, and checked gauge that way, so I had to order more yarn). I also cast on for Virve's Stockings from Folk Knitting in Estonia. When I was looking for it in Ravelry, I couldn't find it at all -- is it possible there is a Nancy Bush pattern that no one has knit yet? I really think it's impossible....

And then I was looking at my projects and realized: I'm getting bored of blue! All three projects are blue -- not just blue, but an indigo blue. And they are going to last me a while longer, because I'm not close to finishing the socks or the skirt!

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